Halloweenaholic Official Fan T-Shirts (2013)


Halloweenaholic T-Shirt


Time's Up...

Sorry, this year's shirt design is no longer available for purchase. Please follow our Facebook Fan page for other shirt releases in the future.

You're Not Alone...

Addicted to Halloween? Wish you lived in a haunted house? Would you skip your own court date to watch the latest horror movie? Hey, we all need to have our priorities straight, right?

If you're like us, Halloween is not just a holiday - it's a way of life. Trick or treating, pumpkin carving, decorating the yard, making your own scary costumes, scaring the neighbors - these are the things we live for. Feed your addiction all year long and show the world you love everything about Halloween with this creepy Certified Halloweenaholic tee, exclusive for 2013!

This is our first in a collector t-shirt series, available for a limited time only! The shirt is a high quality, 50/50 polyester-cotton blend with front and back design. Lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear.

Get ready for a screamin' season... Halloweenaholic style!


The 13 Steps (on back of tee)

  1. I confess that I am powerless over Halloween.
  2. I believe that if every day was Halloween, it might restore my sanity.
  3. I will keep my Halloween decorations up 365 days a year.
  4. It’s okay to use horror movies as self-help guides.
  5. I admit that I'm addicted to Halloween, and I feel no remorse.
  6. I will continue to ask store managers as early as April why they don't have their Halloween merchandise out yet.
  7. I'll continue to blog about important topics such as "Why Halloween is better than sex".
  8. I will make a list of everyone I scared last year and vow to scare them twice as badly this year.
  9. Knowing that this addiction can be lonely, I will persuade others to follow me over to the dark side.
  10. Having too many Halloween props is not the problem, the problem is not having enough storage space.
  11. I will ignore the snide comments from neighbors who think severed heads in santa hats are somehow inappropriate at Christmas time.
  12. I will not scare kids under the age of 5 - unless they really deserve it.
  13. I have come to accept that Halloween is not just a holiday. It's a way of life.


Feed Your Addiction...

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